About 80-20

80-20. simple insights, huge impact was started by Artus Ph. Rosenbusch in June 2009.

It updates on an irregular basis, so I invite you to subscribe in order to stay posted.

The blog’s mission statement is given in this post.

The term “80-20” referrs to pareto principle: Usually 80% of any result can be obtained with 20% of the effort.
The insights presented in this blog are not discussed in deep – the reader spends only little time, but gets a decent idea of the issue at hand.

The pareto principle is a nice thing. If you identify the correct 20% to do, you have respectable results fast and easy.
Of corse, the pareto principle is also a horrible thing. If you ever want to reach perfection in anything, it will be  disproportionately more difficult than to be pretty good at it.

One should apply the pareto principle in some areas in order to find the time and energy to go the extra mile in others.


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