Posted by: aphr | June 20, 2009

Is It a Tough Call? – Toss a Coin!

Image by Roomic Cube

image by Roomic Cube

Decisions based on gut instinct are not always the worst, since the amount of information that flows into them unconsciously is often vast.

If the decisions are important, most people try to chose based on rational criteria instead. Sometimes this  is just the right thing to do, but sometimes the thing we need to decide on is very personal or emotional. The right piece of advice for these decisions might be: “Listen to your heart.”

The importance of the decision might however stop you from accessing your gut feeling about it.

Here is a trick: toss a coin to decide.

That is, of course, not the actual trick. The magic happens after you have decided that heads means you will chose A and tails means that you will go for B, right at the moment when you catch the coin and check the result. Usually you will be either happy or disappointed in the very moment that you see what the coin has decided.

You can then, obviously, decide based on this sudden emotional reaction.

Once you decide that the problem you want to use this on is the sort of problem that should be solved with this method, do yourself a favor and do not try to find any rational reasoning to back up the coin-gut decision afterward. If this is a “gut-feeling-matter”, your gut feeling is reason enough.


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